Cervical erosion Symptoms and How to Diagnose It?

Clinical manifestations

Cervical erosion is the most common the chronic metritis lesions process the local features. Due to the inflammatory secretions dipping, cervical squamous epithelium covering replaced by the columnar epithelium of the cervical canal, that manifested as cervical erosion. Clinically by the size of the area of ??cervical erosion, cervical erosion is divided into Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ degree. The main symptoms are:

Increased leucorrhea: leucorrhea increase the main symptoms of the disease, usually leucorrhea milky white or light yellow purulent secretions She is the stone bridge Chan door of an inner lack, sometimes bloody or inclusions bloodshot.

Genital itching: and vulvar vaginal stimulation may be secondary vulvitis or vaginitis leucorrhea increase vulvovaginal itching and pain.

Lower abdomen and lumbosacral pain: severe inflammation along the sacral ligament of the uterus the main ligament diffusion and lead to pelvic inflammation of connective tissue is She stone bridge Chan door of an inner lack, causing the lower abdomen or lumbosacral pain, and is accompanied by a sense of falling.

Frequent urination or difficulty urinating, frequent urination or difficulty urinating: When the inflammation spread to the bladder trigone or bladder around.

Infertility: a thick vaginal discharge is not conducive to sperm penetration, so severe cervicitis can cause infertility.


Based on clinical manifestations diagnosis is not difficult, but should pay attention to cervical erosion with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia-like lesions or early cervical cancer is difficult to differentiate from the appearance, should be routine for cervical smears; cervical canal suction piece necessary for colposcopy and in vivo Histological examination to confirm the diagnosis.

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