Ginkgo poisoning Symptoms And Treatment

Name of Disease:Ginkgo the poisoned (Ginkgo poisoning)
Parts of The Body:Whole body
Treatment Department:Emergency Department of Gastroenterology,
Signs and Symptoms:Abnormal appetite, diarrhea, abnormal breathing, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain

Ginkgo poisoning Introduction:Also known as ginkgo ginkgo, flavored with sweet, can be boiled or fried, expectorant, cough, lungs, Dingchuan effect, but a lot of eating can cause poisoning. Ginkgo contain hydrocyanic acid toxin is highly toxic, the case of heat toxicity reduction, raw food is easier poisoning. a general toxic dose of 10-50 teeth, symptoms of poisoning occur 1-12 hours after eating ginkgo, should not eat too much should not be eaten raw ginkgo ginkgo poisoning prevention, the disease is more common in children ..

Ginkgo poisoning Knowledge:

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