How to Treat Maxillary sinus cancer?

Surgical treatment should be based comprehensive treatment principle, preoperative or postoperative radiotherapy or chemotherapy, if cervical lymph node metastasis should be performed neck dissection.

General surgery, preventive anti-infective sulfa drugs (such as co-trimoxazole) or a major role in the Gram-positive bacteria, drugs (such as erythromycin, penicillin, etc.); larger extent of surgery, while bone or both more complex restorers generally used in combination, the more commonly used: role in Gram-positive bacteria, drugs (such as penicillin) + the role of drugs in Gram-negative bacteria (such as gentamicin) + role in anaerobic bacteria, drugs (such as metronidazole); surgery before and after a serious infection or invasive surgery large, complex repair mode can be selected based on clinical and susceptibility testing of effective antibiotics Chemotherapy before or after surgery with the application because of its side effects more serious, and should be applied under close observation of the blood, etc., under the guidance of the physician.

A cure: the primary tumor and metastasis source has been thoroughly removed or disappear after treatment, the wound has been basically repaired.

Improved: after treatment, tumor shrinkage, and to alleviate the symptoms.

Healed: after treatment, the tumor without narrowing, no improvement of symptoms.

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